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How to Turn On or Off Game Optimizer on LG TV

LG TV offers users a full-fledged gaming experience by providing the Game Optimizer mode. With this feature turned on, you will be able to play high-end graphic games without any performance issues. Several free games are available on the LG TV Content Store to install and play directly.

You can also connect gaming consoles like Xbox and PS5 to your LG Smart TV to play your desired games. Want to turn on Game Optimizer on LG TV? You can continue with the step-by-step instructions given below based on your TV model.

How to Turn On Game Optimizer on LG TV

Depending on the TV operating system, the procedure will slightly vary to toggle Game Optimizer on LG TV.

For webOS 6.0 and Above Models

1. Turn on your LG TV with or without a remote.

2. Press the Settings button that looks like a gear-shaped icon on the remote.

3. Navigate to All Settings by clicking the three dots on your TV screen.

4. Tap General and choose Game Optimizer.

5. Select ON to enable the Game Optimizer on your LG TV.

Select ON to enable the Game Optimizer

6. Follow the same steps and click OFF to disable this feature.

Note: Keep in mind that after enabling the Game Optimizer, the screen will flicker on LG TV for a while but it will be fine soon.

For webOS 5.0 Models

1. Turn on your LG TV by pressing the Power button and go to Settings.

2. From the Menu options, click All Settings.

3. Select the Picture option and tap the Additional Settings.

4. Pick the Instant Game Response option.

Pick the Instant Game Response option

5. Turn ON the HDMI-connected port to which you need game optimization.

Note: Under Additional Settings, you can click on HDMI Ultra HD Deep Color and toggle on the HDMI port that you want to use.

Other Gaming Modes on LG Smart TV

In addition to Game Optimizer, here are some gaming modes that you can use to enhance the gaming experience to the next level.

Game Genre: Use it to alter the screen type depending on the game you are playing.

Black & White Stabilizer: Allows you to modify the fine-tune dark & light areas.

Reset: Resets the changes done in Black/White Stabilizers.

OLED Motion Pro: Consists of different motion levels like Low, Medium, High, and Auto to make video clearer. If you don’t want to, you can set it to Off.

Reduce Blue Light: Enable it to reduce the blue light emission.

Prevent Input Delay (input lag): Minimizes the input delay based on the image signal.

Game Dashboard: Switch ON this option to check the status of the gaming video.

AI Game Sound: Optimizes the gameplay sound.

VRR & G-Sync: Minimizes screen tearing and stuttering.

AMD FreeSync Premium: Alters the injection rate to reduce screen stuttering.

Fine Tune Dark Areas: Adjust the brightness of dark areas with VRR & G-Sync and AMD FreeSync Premium.

Menu Colour: Offers colors to set on the menu.

User Guide: Use it to learn about the Game Optimizer features in detail.

Note: You can install GeForce NOW on LG TV if you want to play PC games using cloud gaming. If required, turn on Game Optimizer for balanced gameplay.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I reduce video lag while playing games on LG TV?

Setting the LG TV to Game Optimizer mode reduces video lag while playing games.

What is the use of Game Mode on LG TV?

If you turn on Game Mode on LG TV, you can play games with minimal lag and motion blur for a better gaming experience.

How to fix audio delay on LG TV when Game Optimizer is turned on?

To fix audio delays on LG TV in Game Optimizer mode, you need to change the Sound Out to TV Speaker. Otherwise, you can change the Audio Format. Go to Settings > Sound > Advanced Settings > Select HDMI Input > Audio Format > PCM.

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