How to Enable LG TV Game Mode

How to Enable Game Mode on LG TV

Enabling Game Optimizer Mode is a reliable way to reduce the input lag on an LG TV when you connect a PlayStation or Xbox console. It will optimize the sound and picture settings, giving you a faster response rate while playing games. This article explains how to enable Game Optimizer mode on all LG TVs. Additionally, we have explained the best LG TV settings you can use for gaming.

How to Turn on Game Optimizer Mode on LG Smart TV

The procedure to turn on Game Optimization Mode will vary based on the webOS version.

For webOS 6.0 and Above

1. Turn on your LG TV and press the Settings button on the TV remote.

2. On the home screen, click the All Settings option.

3. Select General and choose Game Optimizer.

4. Toggle the Game Optimizer option and turn it ON.

Enable Game Optimizer

For webOS 5.0 and earlier

1. Press the Settings key on the Magic Remote.

2. Click All Settings, select Picture, and choose Additional Settings.

3. Tap Instant Game Response.

Enable HDMI to get Instant Game Response

4. Toggle ON the HDMI on which you want to use the Game Mode.

After enabling this setting, you have to turn on Ultra Deep Color. Go to Settings → All SettingsPictureAdditional SettingsHDMI Ultra HD Deep Color → Select HDMI and turn it ON.

How to Turn on Game Mode on LG Smart TV Without Remote

To enable Game Mode without a remote, use the physical buttons or the LG TV remote app. You can use apps like LG TV Plus, LG ThinQ app, or any other remote apps on the Play Store. Alternatively, you can use external devices like a mouse or keyboard on your LG TV to operate and turn on the gaming mode.

Best LG TV Settings For Gaming

Basically, most TVs won’t perform to our expectations due to the default setting. Although you enable Game Optimizer Mode, sometimes, you may not be satisfied with the TV’s performance. To increase the gaming experience, you can enable the following settings on your LG TV.

  • Input Lag: When you play high-end games like PUBG or any other action games, you wish to play with no input lag. To reduce the input lag in the Game Mode, select the Prevent Input Lag option and choose the Boost option. This will reduce the input lag on your LG TV.
Click Boost to reduce input lag on LG TV
  • Color balance: This is used to reduce the color and make your display look better. You can change the Black and White color levels in the Optimizer menu using the arrow keys.
Click and change colour setting on Game mode
  • Game Genre: Using this option, you can change the display type. You can enable this feature on your LG TV by choosing the game genre. The three genres are RPG (Role Playing Games), FPS (First Person Shooter), and RTS (Real Time Strategy). Depending on the game you play, choose the Game Genre accordingly. You can choose the Standard mode for any genre.
Select the game genre you want in Game mode
Click to turn off/on Blue light settings
  • VRR: By turning on the VRR & G-Sync option, you can reduce the screen tearing and judder in the gameplay.
Turn on VRR Sync in LG TV Game mode

With the above settings, you can customize the Game Mode settings to your liking and have a wonderful gaming experience.


Do LG TVs have Game Mode?

Yes. LG OLED C and G Series models have Game Mode.

Why has Game Mode disappeared on my LG TV?

If the Game Mode is greyed out, it indicates that the external device is not connected to the HDMI port firmly. Connect a console to the respective HDMI port firmly and check if it works.

What is the difference between Game Mode and Standard Mode on LG TV?

Game Mode helps maximize the frames per second, whereas Standard Mode improves picture resolution.

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