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How to Enable LG TV Game Mode

How to Enable Game Mode on LG Smart TV

Every Smart TV screens are compatible with running gaming console inputs. By enabling the Game Mode on your LG Smart TV, you can customize the color balance, input lag, and other features using Game Optimiser settings. Using the Picture Settings menu, you can turn on the Game Mode on your LG TV.

What is Game Mode?

The Game Mode is one of the picture modes available in LG Smart TV, which enhances the FPS (frames per second) and enhances the picture quality of the video. Game mode shortens the time to process the video signals, resulting in a faster response. By enabling the Game Mode, you can enhance the gaming experience when connecting to gaming consoles.

How to Enable Game Mode on LG Smart TV

The Game Mode feature is available in the Picture Mode settings. You can access the Picture Mode from the All Settings menu.

1: Turn on your TV and press the Settings button on your TV remote.

2: Now, on the home screen, click on the All Settings option.

Click on All settings option

3: In the Settings page, click on the Picture option.

4: Under Picture Settings, click on the Picture Mode option.

5: Then, click on Select mode and change it to Game Mode.

Click Select mode and select Game mode  on LG TV

You can also turn on the Game mode on the home screen. Press the Settings button and go to Picture Mode. Select the Game Mode.

How to Turn on Game Mode on LG Smart TV Without Remote

To turn on the Game Mode without a remote, you can use the TV physical buttons or the smartphone app. You can use LG remote apps like LG TV Plus, LG ThinQ app, or any other apps available on the Play Store. You can also use external devices like a mouse or keyboard on your LG TV to activate the game mode.

How to Optimize Game Mode on LG Smart TV

At first, every TV won’t perform to our expectations due to the default customization of the mode. So you need to customize every setting of game mode on your TV. To open Game Optimiser on your LG TV, press Settings โ†’ All Settings โ†’ General โ†’ Game Optimiser. You can customize the below-mentioned options.

  • Input Lag: When you play high-end games like PUBG or any other action games, you need to play with minimum input lag. To cut the input lag in the Game Mode, select Prevent Input Lag option and select the Boost option. This will minimize the input lag on our LG Smart TV.
Click Boost to reduce input lag on LG TV Game Mode
  • Colour balance: This is used to reduce the certain color and make your display look better. You can change the Black, White color balance in the Optimiser menu using the arrow keys.
Click and change colour setting on Game mode
  • Game Genre: Using this option, you can change the way of screen settings in a simple way. By choosing the game genre, you can enable this feature on your LG TV. The three genres are RPG (Role Playing Games), FPS (First Person Shooter), and RTS(Real Time Strategy). Based on the game you are playing, choose the Game Genre. You can choose the Standard mode for any type of genre.
Select the game genre you want in LG TV Game mode
  • Reduce Blue Light: By selecting this feature, you can turn off the blue light on the TV display and reduce eye strain while gaming.
Click to turn off/on Blue light settings
  • VRR: By turning on the VRR & G-Sync option, you can reduce the screen tearing and judder in the gameplay.
Turn on VRR Sync in LG TV Game mode

By using the above settings, customize the Game Mode settings and enjoy your gaming session.


1. Does Game Mode affect picture quality?

Yes, if you stream any high-quality videos in Game Mode, it will degrade the picture quality. We suggest you use the Game Mode only when playing the games.

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