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How to enable Filmmaker Mode on LG TV

How to Enable Filmmaker Mode on LG Smart TV

Filmmaker Mode is a good addition to LG Smart TV that can enhance the watching experience. By enabling this mode, you can watch movies and TV shows with better picture quality since it disables motion smoothing. In addition, it will preserve the actual frame rate by turning off the noise reduction and other video enhancements.

In this article, you will learn about the Filmmaker mode and how to use it on an LG Smart TV in detailed steps.

What is Filmmaker Mode?

A Filmmaker Mode is nothing but the Director cut of a movie. In Filmmaker mode, people can see the real color balance and the light effects that are used in the movie.

If you have LG 4K and 8K TVs, you can watch movies at 60fps to 120fps. Basically, the movies are shot in 24fps to get a real cinematic feel. If you turn on the Filmmaker Mode on the TV, you can watch the movies in the true format of how the director has intended.

Note: For the best audio experience, you can enable Dolby Atmos on an LG TV.

How to Enable Filmmaker Mode on LG Smart TV

If you have LG TV models (2019 & above), you can enable the Filmmaker mode. Keep in mind, that this feature is unavailable for older LG TV models.

1: Turn on your LG TV.

2: With the LG TV remote, go to the Picture Settings.

Note: If the LG TV remote is not working, use the remote app to control the TV virtually.

3: In the Picture Settings category, select the Picture Mode option.

Click Picture mode option on LG TV

4: In the list of options, navigate and select Filmmaker Mode.

Select Filmmaker Mode on LG TV

Note: To turn off the Filmmaker mode, choose a different picture mode.

The only problem with the Filmmaker Mode is the low brightness level. The Filmmaker Mode is best suitable for watching movies in a dark room. The brightness level in Filmmaker Mode will be low in a brighter room. So try to view the movies in a darker room to effectively use the Filmmaker Mode.

Note: If required, check our guide to adjust the brightness on the LG Smart TV.

Filmmaker Mode on Amazon Prime Video

LG partnered with Amazon and announced the Filmmaker Mode for all Prime Video content. If you have the Amazon Prime Video app on your LG TV, there is no need to enable the Filmmaker Mode. With that, you can watch all the Prime Video content on your LG TV with impressive picture quality.

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