How to Fix Disney Plus not Working on LG TV

Disney Plus Not Working on LG Smart TV: Reasons & Solutions

Though Disney Plus is a great streaming service, you might have experienced issues like crashing, freezing, or content buffering on LG TV. These issues are common to occur on Disney Plus on LG TV. You can easily fix the Disney Plus app not working on LG TV using the troubleshooting methods mentioned in this guide.

How to Fix Disney Plus Not Working on LG Smart TV

If the Disney Plus app is not working on your LG Smart TV, refer to the below methods and fix it easily by yourself without any hassle.

  • Common Fixes
  • Disney Plus Not Loading
  • Problems with the TV

3 Common Solutions to Fix Disney Plus App Not Working on LG TV

Sometimes, the Disney+ app takes too long to play the video and displays a black screen on LG TV. The common reasons and solutions to fix this issue are listed below.


  • Server issues.
  • Outdated firmware.
  • Poor internet connectivity.
  • Turn off the VPN connection.


Try these workarounds to fix the Disney Plus issue on LG Smart TVs.

Check if the Disney Plus Server is Down

The server issue will occur on any platform due to overload. When you face a server problem, no troubleshooting steps can fix this error. You shall wait for the server issue to be fixed by the service technicians.

However, you can check the server status with the help of third-party websites like Downdetector. You can also look for Disney Plus Twitter and other social media pages to learn about the server outage.

Update LG TV Firmware

When a TV is outdated, you can experience many performance issues on your TV, including the apps. By updating the LG TV, you can fix the app not working problem, which will also boost the app’s performance.

1: Hit the Home button on your TV remote and select Settings → All settings option on the TV home screen.

All Settings

2: Select the Support tab on the left pane and choose the Software Update option.

3: On the next screen, click Check for Updates.

4: Click Yes in the update pop-up.

Now, your LG TV will start the update process.

If you experience any internet connection problems on your TV, you can update the LG Smart TV using a USB drive. After that, you shall open the Disney Plus app on your LG Smart TV and check whether the issue is resolved or not.

Check the Internet Connection

With the internet as the key component in the streaming service, you need to connect the LG TV to stable WiFi to access the Disney+ app without any issues. To watch Disney Plus content in 4K, you need a internet speed of 25 Mbps. Check your internet speed from the website. If your router fails to satisfy the required speed, then power cycling your router can fix this issue.

Check the Internet connection

1: Turn off your router using the switch or plug the cable from the power socket.

2: Wait for 3-5 minutes.

3: Then, connect your router back to the power socket and power on the WiFi router.

4: Now, connect your TV to the WiFi and check whether the power cycling method has fixed the not working issue on the Disney Plus app.

You can also reboot the router if the LG TV is not connecting to a WiFi.

If the DNS settings of your TV are old, updating it to the latest Google DNS address can fix the issue.

1: Using the TV remote, press the Home button and click on SettingsAll settings option on the screen.

2: Select the Network option from the left panel.

3: Click on the WiFi Connection that you have connected to your TV.

4. Tap on Other Network and choose Advanced WiFi Settings.

4: Tap the Edit button under the details of the WiFi network.

tap on Edit option

5: On the next page, uncheck the Set Automatically option.

uncheck Set Automatically

6: Now click on the DNS server bar and change it to

7: Finally, click on the Connect button.

Disney Plus Content Not Loading on LG TV

If the Disney Plus app doesn’t load the content on the app and displays a loading screen, you can try the below methods to fix the issue.


  • Temporary bugs on the app.
  • Sudden crash on the network.


To get rid of app crashing and technical errors, try these workarounds.

Update the Disney Plus App

If the problem is with the bugs or the outdated version of the Disney+ app, then updating the app on LG TV will solve the not working issue.

1: Hit the Home button on your LG TV remote and launch the home screen of your TV.

2: From the home screen, click on the LG Content Store option.

3: Tap the Apps button on the top.


4: Select the Disney Plus app from the list of apps.

5: Click on the Update button below the App logo to update the app on your LG TV.

Clear the Disney+ App Cache on LG Smart TV

If you are facing an issue with the Disney Plus application, you can try clearing the app cache on your LG TV.

1. Navigate to the home screen of the LG TV.

2. Tap on the Settings and select All Settings option.

3. Move down to the bottom and choose General.

4. Hit on the Storage option and select Application Data.

5. Choose the Disney Plus app and click on Clear Cache to remove the cache or temporary files of the application.

Uninstall and Reinstall Disney Plus

If the Disney Plus app crashes frequently on your LG TV even after updating the app, you need to delete the app on your LG TV and reinstall it from the LG Content Store. To fix the Disney Plus app crashing issue, refer to the below steps.

1: On the home screen of the LG TV, navigate and select the Edit button (Pencil icon) in the right corner.

Click Edit button on LG TV home screen

2: Now, in the edit mode, scroll down the home screen apps and highlight the Disney Plus app.

3: On the top of the app icon, select the X mark and click Yes on the confirmation pop-up to uninstall the Disney Plus app on your LG Smart TV.

4: After uninstalling the app on LG TV, open the LG Content Store on the home screen.

5: Now, click the Search icon and search the Disney Plus app.

6: Select the app from the results and hit Install to add the app on LG TV.

After reinstalling the app, open the Disney+ app and check whether the issue has been fixed or not.

Problem with your LG TV

Sometimes, your LG TV may not be compatible with the Disney Plus app. In those situations, your TV will not make the application work properly.


  • Your LG TV may not be compatible with the Disney+ app.
  • Temporary bugs on the TV.


The solutions to fix the problem are:

Check for Compatability

Sometimes, your TV might not be compatible with the app, and this might cause the app to crash and not work. LG TVs released after 2016, and a webOS 3.0 or higher supports the Disney Plus app. Visit the official website to check if your TV is compatible with the Disney+ app.

Power Cycle LG TV

Sometimes, the temporary bugs can be a reason for Disney Plus not working on LG Smart TVs. So, rebooting your LG TV helps you to solve the issue.

1: Turn off your LG TV using the remote and unplug the TV cord from the socket.

2: Now, let the TV idle for 3 to 5 minutes.

3: Turn on LG TV after a few minutes and connect it to the internet.

4: Launch the Disney Plus app and check whether the app is working or not.

Hard Quit method

This method is inspired by the Disney Plus community users, which have proven to work on LG Smart TVs. When the Disney Plus app stops loading and gets stuck on a blue screen, Press and hold the Back button on the TV remote. While doing this, you will return to the home screen of the TV. After reaching the home screen, open the app again and stream the content on Disney Plus.

Note: If you see a blue tint on LG TV while streaming any content, try adjusting the display settings to fix the issue.

Update Region and Time

Since the Disney Plus app has a geo-restriction policy, it won’t let users stream the content from unsupported regions. If the TV region settings are changed, this might be one of the causes of the problem. And with the wrong TV time settings, it can even make things worse. So updating the region and time settings on your LG TV is one of the viable fixes for the Disney Plus not working issue.

1: Press the Home button on your remote and select the SettingsAll Settings option on the TV screen.

2: Under the settings section, click on the General tab on the left.

3: Select the Location option.

Change Location to fix Disney Plus Not Working on LG TV

4: Enter the Zip code and change the region settings of your TV.

5: In the same General settings, click on the Time & Date option.

6: Select Auto to automatically update the time of your region.

Check the LG TV User Agreement

In terms of using streaming services on LG Smart TV, you need to accept the user agreement of LG TV to use the app. If you have missed any one of the user agreement policies, you might expect improper functioning of the app.

1: Turn on your TV and go to the Settings option.

2: Click the General tab and choose the User Agreements option.

3: Now, check all the categories listed on the checkboxes and click the Agree button.

Customize User agreement and Fix Disney Plus not working on LG Smart TV

After changing the User Agreement, open the app and check whether the Disney Plus app is up and running.

Turn Off IPv6 Settings

IPv6 is an updated internet protocol for communicating traffic on the internet. However, some of the services are not supported by this internet protocol. So, if your router is using IPv6, changing to a different protocol might help to fix the Disney Plus not working issue.

1: Turn on your TV and go to the Settings option.

2: Now, select the Network tab on the left bar and select the WiFi Connection option.

3: Choose Advanced WiFi settings and toggle off the IPv6 option.

If it is already off, turn it on and off. Now, open the app and see whether the fix has worked.

Factory Reset LG TV

If the above methods don’t resolve the Disney Plus issue, an LG TV factory reset will help you to fix it. But keep in mind that performing a factory reset will clear all the data, installed apps, and others.

1:  Go to Settings and select the General tab on the left.

2: Click the Reset to Initial Settings option.

Click Reset to Initial Settings option

3: Click OK from the confirmation pop-up menu and start the Factory reset on your TV.

Reset LG TV if Disney Plus is not working

4: After resetting, install the Disney Plus app and stream your favorite movies on your LG Smart TV.

Contact Customer Support

If the issue persists even after trying the above methods, try using other streaming apps on your TV. If you face the same problem with all the apps, there is a defect on your LG TV. To fix it, you must contact the LG customer support team via mail or call or visit a nearby LG service center.


How to fix if Disney Plus keeps restarting on LG TV?

To fix the app restarting issue, close the app on your LG TV and reopen it. If the issue continues, restart the LG TV to fix it.

Why does Disney Plus have no sound issue on LG TV?

If there is no sound on LG TV while using Disney Plus, it may be due to improper audio output. To fix this, change the audio output to TV speakers and unplug the 3.5mm cable on the LG TV if plugged in. Also, turn up the volume and ensure that your TV is unmute.

Why can’t I get Disney Plus on LG Smart TV?

Disney Plus is unsupported for LG Smart TVs manufactured before 2016. For older models, you can enable AirPlay on LG TV and can cast the Disney Plus app from your iPhone.

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