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BT Sports on LG TV

How to Get BT Sport on LG Smart TV

Do you want to live stream all the games of the Premier League on LG Smart TV? Then BT Sport is the app you need to use. Currently, BT Sport is not available for LG Smart TVs. But that doesn’t mean you cannot stream BT Sport content. You can use the Web Browser on LG TV to access the web version of BT Sport.

Additionally, you can cast or AirPlay the BT Sport content on the TV from your Android phone or iPhone. With BT Sport, you can watch live games of different sports like football, rugby union, cricket, boxing, MotoGP, UFC, etc., on LG Smart TV. Before using this streaming service, ensure to subscribe to the BT Sport plan, which costs £29.99/month.

How to Watch BT Sport on LG Smart TV Via Web Browser

#1. Turn On your LG Smart TV and Connect it to the Internet.

#2. Press the Home button on your LG magic remote and tap the Web browser tile at the bottom.

#3. On the address bar, type www.bt.com/sport and go to the website.

#4. On the official BT Sport website, tap My BT at the top and Log In to your account.

Log in to your BT Sport Account,

#5. Now, select the sports content you intend to watch and start streaming it on your LG TV Web Browser.

How to Cast BT Sport on LG Smart TV

Since LG Smart TV does not have inbuilt cast support, you need to connect and set up a Chromecast device to LG Smart TV.

#1. Connect your Chromecast-connected LG TV and Smartphone under the same Wi-Fi Network.

#2. Head to the Play Store and install BT Sports on your Android device.

#3. Launch the app and Sign In to your account.

#4. Hit the Cast icon at the top and select your Chromecast-connected LG TV from the available devices.

Hit the Cast icon

#5. Now, the app’s home screen will appear on your LG Smart TV.

#6. Play any content on the app and stream it on a big screen.

How to AirPlay BT Sport on LG Smart TV

To AirPlay the app from an iOS device, you need to enable AirPlay mode on LG Smart TV.

#1. Download and install BT Sport on your iPhone or iPad.

Install BT Sport

#2. Ensure that your iPhone and LG Smart TV are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

#3. Launch the BT Sport app after installation and log in using your account credentials.

#4. Hit the AirPlay icon at the top and choose your LG Smart TV from the pop-up menu.

#5. That’s it. Play your favorite BT Sport content and stream it on your LG Smart TV.

How to Install BT Sport on LG Smart TV

If you really intend to install the BT Sport app on your LG Smart TV, then connect any one of the streaming devices mentioned below. You can download the BT Sport app from the App Store of all these streaming devices.

  • Firestick
  • Apple TV
  • Roku

Alternative Method to Stream BT Sport on LG Smart TV

Rather than using external devices, you can use the NOW TV streaming service to watch BT Sports content on your TV.

Now TV is one of the paid streaming services that offer you plenty of Sports channels, including BT Sport, with the sports month membership subscription. Apart from that, you will have unlimited access to all the Sky Sports channels. So that you can watch the Premier Leagues events live.

  • SPORTS DAY MEMBERSHIP-€11.99 / 24 hours
  • SPORTS MONTH MEMBERSHIP – €38.99 / month

Recently, the NOW TV app has been removed from the LG Content Store. You need to use the web browser to access the NOW TV website on LG Smart TV.

BT Sport LG TV- Now TV

Frequently Asked Question

1. Is BT Sports available on LG Content Store?

No, the BT Sport app is not available on LG Content Store.

2. How to watch BT Sports on LG Smart TV?

By accessing the BT Sport website on your LG web browser, you can watch your desired sports content on your TV.

3. Why can’t I access the BT Sports website on LG Smart TV?

This issue is caused due to poor Internet connection or subscription expiration. To resolve this problem, connect the LG TV to stable WiFi and renew the subscription if it is expired.

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