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How to get Amazon Prime on LG TV

Amazon Prime on LG TV: How to Install, Activate and Use

Like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video is a popular streaming service that allows Prime Members to stream a wide selection of movies and shows. This steaming service is available on various devices like smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and gaming consoles. Luckily, there’s an official Amazon Prime app available on LG Content Store. So, if you own an LG Smart TV, you can easily install and stream your favorite content on Amazon Prime without interruptions.

Amazon Prime Subscriptions

To watch your favorite movies and series, Amazon Prime offers two different subscription plans to users.

Prime Membership$14.99$139
Student Membership$7.49$69

How to Install Amazon Prime on LG Smart TV

Fortunately, there’s an Amazon Prime Video officially available on the LG Content Store, just navigate the store and install to get the app.

[1] Turn on your LG smart TV and connect it to a stable internet connection.

[2] Press the Home button on your remote control to open the home screen.

[3] Scroll to the right and locate LG Content Store.

[4] Open the store and navigate the Search icon at the top of the screen.

Click the Search icon to look for Amazon Prime on LG TV

[5] In the Search bar, input Amazon Prime Video using the virtual keyboard and pick the app from the search result.

Pick amazon Prime from search result on LG TV

Note: You can also click the Mic icon and voice command Amazon Prime Video to find the app.

[6] Once you find the app, click Install to download the Amazon Prime Video on your LG smart TV.

[7] After that, hit Open to launch the app on your TV.

How to Activate Amazon Prime on LG TV

After installing the Amazon Prime Video app, you should activate the streaming service to access content on your LG TV.

[1] After opening the Amazon Prime Video app, select Register on the Prime website option.

[2] Now, a registration code will display on the TV screen, note that code.

[2] Then, fetch your PC/smartphone and visit the registration website [primevideo.com/mytv].

[3] Sign in to your Amazon Prime account.

[4] Once signed in, enter the registration code in the required field and hit Register Device.

Click Register Device

[5] Once registered, navigate to your LG TV and stream your favorite Amazon Prime content.

AirPlay Amazon Prime on LG TV

Besides installing the app, you can use the AirPlay feature to screen mirror the contents from your iPhone/iPad to the LG smart TV.

[1] Connect your iPhone/iPad and LG TV to the same WiFi network.

[2] Then, from the LG TVs dashboard, click the AirPlay option.

[3] Under AirPlay & HomeKit Settings, toggle on the AirPlay feature.

Clic AirPlay & HomeKit Settings

[4] After that, fetch your iPhone/iPad and launch the Amazon Prime Video app.

Tip! If you don’t have the Amazon Prime Video app on your iPhone/iPad, you can install it via App Store and sign in to your account.

[5] Play your favorite content on your iPhone/iPad and click the AirPlay icon.

Click the AirPlay icon

[6] From the list of available devices, choose your LG smart TV.

[7] Finally, the contents on your iPhone/iPad will display on the LG smart TV.

Amazon Prime Not Working on LG TV

If Amazon Prime malfunctions or fails to load any media content, follow the below fixes.

  • Poor Internet Connection: If your LG TV fails to receive the proper internet connection, it may malfunction. So, you can reset the router to bypass the issue.
  • Clear Cache Files: A cache file may occupy a lot of storage and cause your device to slow down. You can clear the unwanted browser cache to load the content much faster.
  • Update App & Firmware: An outdated app or TV firmware can cause issues with Amazon Prime. Update your LG TV firmware and Amazon Prime app to eradicate the error.
  • Reset LG TV: If none of the steps solves the issue, then try to reset your LG smart TV. This will erase all the settings and data and revert your LG TV to its default settings.

Amazon Prime Compatible Devices

Besides LG smart TV, you can download and stream Amazon Prime Video on the following devices.

  • Apple TV
  • Android smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs
  • Firestick/ Fire TVs
  • iPhone/iPad
  • PlayStation
  • Nvidia Shield
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Xbox Consoles


1. How do I turn on subtitles on Amazon Prime on my LG Smart TV?

fetch your LG remote and press the Home button. Then, click the Settings icon at the upper-right and navigate to the Accessibility tab. Now, enable the option under the Closed Caption menu to turn on subtitles on Amazon Prime.

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