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Amazon Prime Not Working on LG TV

Amazon Prime Not Working on LG Smart TV: Causes & Fixes

Amazon Prime, being a popular service, doesn’t mean it isn’t prone to issues, and there are possibilities for LG TV users to experience it. Unfortunately, there are numerous reasons associated with Amazon Prime not working or failing to load the content on your LG TV. It may range from some temporary bugs to minor software glitches. Luckily, it can be solved easily by yourself with some general troubleshooting methods.

How to Fix Amazon Prime Not Working on LG Smart TV

Since Amazon Prime is a top-ranked streaming service platform, this issue does not occur frequently. If the problem occurs while using Amazon Prime on LG Smart TV, you can fix it easily without any hassle.

Amazon Prime on LG Smart TV Not Loading the Content

Network and server problems are the major problems that do make the streaming apps load the content.


  • Poor internet connection
  • Server down


If you have found that the problem is with your internet connection, then there are possible chances to fix it. However, if the problem is with the Amazon Prime server, you cannot fix it by yourself.

1. Check the Internet Connection

The internet is the main component in all streaming services which helps to stream movies and TV shows. Try running a speed test on your browser and check your WIFI network speed. Amazon Prime requires a minimum internet speed of 1MB/s for SD resolution and 5MB/s for HD resolution for streaming. If you find any hindrances or bugs in your internet connection, you can fix them by power cycling the WiFi router.

1: Turn off your WiFi router and plug out the power cable from the power socket.

2: Wait for 3-5 minutes and plug in the power cable.

3: Now, turn on the switch and WiFi router or modem.

4: Connect your LG TV to the WiFi and launch the Amazon Prime app.

5: Play any video and check the internet problem. It can be resolved now.

2. Change the DNS Settings

If the above methods fail to fix your problem, you can try to update your DNS settings on your TV.

1: Press the Settings button on your Magic remote and select the All Settings option.

2: Choose Network from the left pane.

3: Select the WiFi network that you have connected with your TV and select the Edit button.

Click Edit to update DNS settings

4: Uncheck the Set Automatically box and go to the DNS server field.

5: On the DNS Server field, enter manually.

6: Finally, click the Connect option to change the DNS settings.

3. Turn Off IPv6

IPv6 is the latest version of the Internet protocol used for communicating and routing traffic on the internet. But some of the services are not supported with this IP version. Turn off the IPv6 settings on your LG TV when enabled.

1: Fetch your LG TV remote and press the Settings button on it.

2: Choose All Settings and click the Network option from the left panel.

3: Select the WiFi connection option and tap the Advanced WiFi settings option.

Turn off the IPv6

4: Under the Advanced Settings option, turn off the IPv6 protocol.

4. Check for the Amazon Prime Server

If the internet is good, but the server is down, then it is an unfixable problem that the user cannot fix it. But you can check the status of the server from third-party websites like Downdetector.

Meanwhile, the server problem will be fixed quickly by the technical team of Amazon Prime, and you can get the official notification from the social media page of Amazon Prime. Once the server issue is sorted out, you can start streaming the Amazon Prime Video on your LG TV.

Amazon Prime App Not Working

If the Amazon Prime app is not working on your LG TV, it may be due to a temporary bug on the app. The app will also not work if your subscription has expired.


  • Expired Subscription
  • Bugs on the app


You can fix this problem by uninstalling and reinstalling the app from your LG smart TV.

Uninstall and Reinstall Amazon Prime

You can delete apps on your LG TV from the Edit App List app.

1: Press the Home button and navigate to the home screen of your LG TV.

2: Scroll to the right end and launch the Edit app list app.

3: Select the Amazon Prime app from the list of apps and click X on the top.

4: Tap Yes from the popup menu to delete the app from your LG TV.

Uninstall Amazon Prime on your LG TV to fix the not working problem

5: Now, download the Amazon Prime app from the LG Content Store.

6: Once the app has been downloaded, launch the Amazon Prime app and check whether the app is working properly or not.

2. Check Your Subscription Plan

Since Amazon Prime is a subscription-based streaming service, you cannot stream videos without an active subscription. You may receive a black screen while launching the apps if your subscription has expired. You can check your current subscription plan from the official website of Amazon.

3. Change your LG TV User Agreement

One of the reasons that your app is not working is because of the User agreement of your LG TV. So check out every detail on the User agreement page and agree to the terms on your TV.

1: Go to the Settings option on your TV.

2: Select the General settings and tap the About this TV option.

3: Select the User Agreements option and check all the boxes in the agreement.

Check all the box to fix Amazon Prime not working on LG TV

4. Check your Location Status

Some of the streaming services follow a geo-restriction policy for their premium users. To overcome this, change your TV location details.

1: Navigate to the Settings of your LG TV.

2: Select the General tab from the left panel.

3: Locate and select the Location menu.

Select location option on LG TV

4: Change the Zip code and press the OK button to update your ZIP code on TV.

Change the Zip code to fix Amazon Prime not working on LG TV

Amazon Prime Not Opening on LG TV

The app might not function properly if it is corrupted with any temporary bugs. You can remove those bugs by updating the app.


  • Outdated version of the app
  • Outdated version of the TV


You can fix this problem by updating the app and updating the firmware of the LG TV.

1. Update the Amazon Prime app

Every app update consists of new features and bug fixes. So updating your apps on a regular basis is recommended.

1: Go to the home screen of the LG TV and launch the LG Content Store app.

2: Now, click on the Search icon and search for the Amazon Prime app.

3: Click on the Update button near the app logo to update your app.

Click update button

4: After updating the app, launch the app and check the not working issue.

2. Update your TV firmware

1: Press the Home button on your remote and select the Settings option.

2: Choose the All Settings option on the screen.

3: Select the General settings tab on the left pane.

4: Click on the About this TV option.

5: Click the Check for updates option. If there is an update, click the Install button to update your TV.

Click on Check for update

After updating your LG TV, check whether the Amazon Prime app is working properly.

Corrupted Cache

The corrupted cache is a temporary problem that cannot be cleared entirely from any device.


  • Temporary bugs
  • Over usage of the app


You can clear the cache data on your LG TV by turning off the TV and removing the apps from recent apps.

1. Clear Cache Data on LG TV

LG TV does not have any specified settings to clear the recent apps. You can clear the cache data on LG TV manually by removing the recent apps.

How to Remove Recent Apps on LG TV

(1) Press the Home button on your LG TV to navigate to the home screen.

(2) Now, press and hold the Home button to open the recent apps.

(3) Press the UP arrow to select the X mark.

Click the X icon

(4) Once you have clicked the X mark, the selected app will be closed from the recent apps.

2. Restart your LG TV

You can also clear the cache by restarting the LG TV. A simple restart will eliminate the cache data and temporary bugs from your TV. So, consider restarting your TV at least once a week for optimized performance.

3. Factory Reset LG TV

We recommend you do not try this method in the first place. If all the fixes fail, you shall use this as your final fix. By factory resetting your LG TV, you will lose all the data, like downloaded contents and channels. And resetting also clears out bugs in the TV software.

1: Go to the Settings of your TV.

2: Select All settings and click General from the left panel.

3: Scroll down and choose Reset to the Initial Settings option.

Click on Reset to initial settings

This will perform a factory reset and erase all your data and cache files related to it.

Contact the Customer Support

If all the measures fail to solve your problem, you can call the support team of LG and Amazon to get a certified solution to fix the issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does deleting an Amazon account will delete my Amazon Prime also?

Yes. Deleting your Amazon account will delete your entire thing related to Amazon, including Prime.

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