Get 7Plus app on LG TV.

How to Install and Watch 7plus on LG Smart TV

Would you like to watch 7, 7TWO, 7mate, 7flix, and 7Bravo in one place? Simply get the 7plus app on your LG Smart TV. It is natively on the LG Content Store for LG Smart TVs (2016-2022) running webOS 3.0 or later.

With the 7plus app, you can watch 50+ live channels and shows like Travel Australia, Property Dreams, Border Security Australia, etc. In addition, you can live stream sports events like FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023.

If 7plus is unsupported for your TV, no need to worry. You can still access 7plus on your Smart TV with the help of Chromecast or AirPlay. Keep in mind, wireless mirroring requires a stable internet connection. Hence, you should test your internet speed on LG TV to check whether it is suitable.

How to Watch 7plus on LG Smart TV

Here are the possible ways to stream 7plus on your Smart TV.

How to Install 7plus App on LG Smart TV

1. Switch on your LG TV and connect it to the WiFi connection.

2. Press the Home button on your LG TV remote to launch the home screen.

3. Go to the LG Content Store and select the Apps tab at the top screen.

Open the Apps tab.

4. Using the search bar, search for the 7Plus app and click on it.

5. It will bring up the App preview page, hit the Install button to get the app.

How to Sign in to 7plus on LG Smart TV

1. Open the 7plus app and tap Sign In to get an activation code.

2. Visit from a web browser and click Sign in or Create an account.

Sign in or create your 7Plus account.

3. Once signed in or created an account, enter the code displayed on your TV screen.

4. Your TV screen will display the Start Watching button, hit that button and enjoy streaming the content.

Start Watching 7Plus on LG TV.

How to Chromecast 7plus App on LG Smart TV

1. Connect your LG TV and Android device to the same WiFi network.

2. Download and Install the 7plus app on your device from Play Store.

3. Sign in to your 7plus account to launch the home page.

4. Press the Cast icon at the top right corner of the screen.

Click on the Cast icon.

5. From the list of available devices, select your LG Smart TV name.

6. Select the video you want to watch and hit Play to cast on your LG TV.

How to AirPlay 7plus App on LG Smart TV

1. Ensure you’ve connected your LG TV and iPhone/iPad to the same WiFi network.

2. Turn on the AirPlay on your LG TV. Then install the 7Plus app on your iOS device from App Store.

3. Open the 7plus app and sign in with your 7Plus account and hit the cast icon on the home page.

4. After that, select the AirPlay and Bluetooth option from the menu.

Select AirPlay and Bluetooth.

5. Then select your LG TV from the list and enter the AirPlay code.

6. Your LG TV screen will display the message, Ready to Cast.

7. Select the video and it will start streaming on your LG TV.

Fixes for 7plus App Not Working on LG Smart TV

At times, the 7plus app may have issues like buffering, unavailable content, and lagging issues on your LG TV. In such scenarios, you can try out these solutions on your LG TV to troubleshoot the issue.

  • Ensure that the 7plus app is compatible with the LG TV model you own.
  • If you are casting, connect your LG TV and phone to the same WiFi network.
  • Use valid account credentials to log in to your 7Plus account.
  • Update and use the latest version of the 7Plus app on LG TV.
  • Clear the cache on the LG Smart TV if the app keeps freezing.
  • Update your LG TV Firmware and launch the app again.
  • Perform a Factory Reset on LG TV and restore all the settings.


What are the devices I can use to watch 7Plus on LG TV?

You can connect an Android TV box, Apple TV, Firestick, Chromecast, or PlayStation 4 to your LG TV in order to watch 7plus.

Is 7plus available outside the Australian region?

No, the 7plus video streaming service is only accessible in Australia.

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